Supergurl Tara – Title Song Writing Competition



*Who is Supergurl Tara?*

She is India’s first superheroine and the world’s first elemental supergurl. Visit Supergurl Tara to know more.


*Write an Original Song*

Craft a song capturing the essence of Tara’s five elemental powers, resilience, beauty and modernity!!!

Language – English

Minimum length – 16 lines

Registration fees – ₹ 49 for school students, ₹ 99 for adults

🏆 Winner Prize – The winner will be rewarded with

  • Cash prize of Rs. 22000 and certificate
  • Gift hamper from Fun Kids India
  • Opportunity to meet Supergurl Tara
  • *** Certificates for Top 10 participants***

**The competition welcomes participants from all age groups. Students, teachers, parents, and anyone can participate in the competition to showcase their creativity.**

*How to Participate*

  1. Visit Fun Kids India’s official OTT platform {Fun Kids India} to read and understand Supergurl Tara ’s character.
  2. Get started with your lyrics writing journey.
  3. Once the lyrics are ready, click the ‘Register Now’ button to register for the competition.
  4. Pay via the QR code given in the form and submit a screenshot of the successful payment.
  5. Submit the lyrics in the form.
  6. Submit a short video (1 min) expressing your lyrics writing journey, i.e. how you felt about Tara, how you came up with the ideas, thoughts behind the lyrics and selection of words, etc.

*Judgement Criteria*

Total = 100 marks

Creativity and Originality (20 marks)

Theme Relevance / Versatility (20 marks)

Lyric Structure and Flow / Grammar and Syntax / Lyricism and Language Use (20 marks)

Clarity and Coherence / Storytelling Ability (20 marks)

Emotional Impact / Overall Impact (20 marks)

  • 5 marks extra* for additional social media promotion. 
    • Participants shall post their FINAL SONG on their social media platforms. Follow, and tag #FunKidsIndia #FunStudios #SupergurlTara in the posts.
    • Participants shall share the posts with their friends and family to get more and more likes and comments.
    • The participants getting the maximum number of likes and comments will get an additional benefit of 5 points apart from their total score. (subject to verification)
    • These 5 points will be added to the score while announcing the results. 
    • The top 10 participants and the winner will be announced on our OTT platform {Fun Kids India}.

Best of luck!