“Unveiling Supergurl: India’s Elemental Superheroine”

Supergurl Tara

“princesses are history, their palaces are old, be ready for the SUPERGURL, whose story will be told!!”


🌟 Introducing India’s Rising Superheroine: 🌟




presents –


🌟 Supergurl® TARA! 🌟

YES!! Our Supergurl is TARA 😊


🔥 Unveiling the Spectacle of Power and Grace! 🔥

Ladies and gentlemen, boys & girls, brace yourselves for the grand reveal of a superheroine like no other, Supergurl! She’s not your average caped crusader, and her unique blend of style and strength is bound to captivate your imagination.


🌿 Attire that Speaks of the Elements 🌿

Supergurl is a vision of empowerment draped in a vibrant green dress, symbolizing the harmony of nature. Her sleek, knee-high boots add a touch of elegance to her ensemble, making her the epitome of both beauty and brawn.


🌍 A World in Her Hands 🌍

In one hand, she carries a powerful Tab, a symbol of her intelligence and high-tech prowess. Supergurl is not just about physical strength; she harnesses the power of knowledge to overcome challenges.


🔥 Fire and Brimstone 🔥

In her other hand, she wields fire, a force that represents her fierce determination and passion. With flames dancing at her fingertips, Supergurl stands ready to conquer any obstacle in her path.


🌬️ The Elements at Her Command 🌬️

Supergurl is more than just a superhero; she embodies the essence of five elements – Earth, Fire, Sky, Water, and Air. She draws strength from the natural world, connecting with the very core of our existence. She is protector of the protectors, healer of the healers – She is the force of nature!!

🇮🇳 A Proud Indian Icon

Rooted in Indian heritage and culture with Global outlook, Supergurl proudly represents the spirit of our nation. Her values, resilience, and unyielding commitment to justice make her a true Indian with global outlook superheroine.

🌟 You will meet her face to face during India’s Emerging Talent Season 2 Grand Finale on 29th Oct, 23 at Jawahar Lal Nehru Auditorium and witness Supergurl’s Power, Beauty, Class & Character! 🌟

Her presence promises an electrifying day filled with thrilling surprises and incredible feats.

Oh where she lives, what she do, what’s her story – All that will be revealed soon 😊 STAY TUNED!!

Keep an eye on funkids.in and our social media channels for more fun!!

Join us as we celebrate the emergence of this extraordinary talent and witness the birth of a new superhero for India and the world. Get ready to be inspired and amazed like never before! 💪💥


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