Teachers Talent Show Season 1 FAQ

This page is dedicated to Teachers Talent Show Season 1 Frequently Asked Questions

!1. What is Teachers Talent Show?
A: Teachers Talent Show is Fun Kids India reality show only for teachers of India. Season 1 has started in Sep 23.

Q2. How many rounds will be there?
A. There will be 3 rounds in total.
First round: Register for auditions via Teachers Talent Show and provide your past recorded performance for 2 to 3 mins only.
Second Round: Of all registrations, top 20 will be called based on the performance videos submitted. This will be on Online on Zoom on 14th October, 23.
Final Round: Final round will take place in Jawahar Lal Nehru (weightlifting Auditorium), Delhi between 11 am and 12 pm. Top 10 will be showcasing their talent in front of 2000 people, including principals, jury, students, media and Bollywood celebrities.

Q3. Is group participation is allowed?
A: Yes, upto 10 teachers can make one group.

Q4. In which talent categories I can perform?
A: Any talent is allowed. However there is a time limit of 2:30 mins for all in Second Round and in Final Round. Just make sure it’s a super duber performance with an Ex Factor.

Q5. Is the audition is free or paid?
A: For Teachers, it’s free.

Q6: Instruments/Music
A: Teachers are responsible for bringing any instruments to they like and any music they like.

Q7. Travel
A: We request teachers to bear the travel expense, hotel stay. Complementary Lunch will be provided.