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Hello everyone, here is the biggest announcement for India’s Emerging Talent Season 2 contestants… This announcement should makes you exited… Must watch now!!

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Prateek Vs Anushka

Poetry is meant to stirrup up emotions in us, to put us into deep thoughts. But this time the stakes are way high and the stage has been turned into an arena where Prateek and Anushka, the two finalists of India’s Emerging Talent face each other at the Grand Finale.

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Ratika VS Sharon

The battle has begun with a roar. Ratika and Sharon, two wonderful kids are challenging each other at the Grand Finale for the Best Dancer Title. India’s Emerging Talent – De Hunar ko Pehchan brings to you 1st Funcademy Awards 2020. The winner will be decided on 1st August 2021 through the Grand Finale event.

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