Spelling Bee Champion – Teens



Stage: Group Level Only

Age category: Kids & Teens                          Talent Category: Spelling Champion

Date: 17th November, 2020                              Status: Unpublished

Purpose of the document: Use this document for guidelines purposes only for IET- SPELLING CHAMPION category 2020. This is the Group Stage Protocol Document. This document will provide details on stages, rules, guidelines, marking, scoring, self-campaign points for The Best Spelling Champion and how to progress to Semi Final Stage with other important information. Please read this document carefully.

This Category will have three stages after successful participation confirmation.

  1. Stage 1: Group Level (Oct-Early 2021)
  2. Stage 2: Semi Finals (Early 2021)
  3. Stage 3: Grand Finale (Early-Mid 2021)

This document is for Stage 1: Group Stage Level of Competitions only.

Semi Finals Level of Competitions Protocol Document will be made available after 1st December, 2020 on FunKids India Website. https://funkids.in





THE SPELLING CHAMPION contains 4 age divisions categories for the participants. Contestants will be responsible for producing proof of age to the team. Please upload this to your child’s FunKids India web account. This protocol document contains the information that is used for the children to participate in The Spelling Champion category that is to be conducted. So please read this document carefully.



Kids junior5 – 8 Years
Kids senior9 – 12 Years
Teens junior13 – 15 Years
Teens senior16 – 19 Years

* The contestants can apply under the respective age category for the IET – SPELLING CHAMPION category.


  • Upload a video/text highlighting your spelling achievements to the Fun Kids India web account
  • Online talent showcase session will be organized
  • The BEST SPELLING experts will be selected by judges / panellists.
  • Selected children are invited to the Semi-finale.

In the Group Stage level, the children need to upload a video/text highlighting their spelling achievements to their Fun Kids India web account, these will be used by our experts in judging the contestant’s performance.

Video Duration: Up to 2 minutes.


Each contestant will be called for Online Talent Showcase Session lasting between 10 to 20 minutes. This session will be recorded and used by the judges in judging the contestant’s Spelling talent.

During Online Talent Showcase Session, the children have to spell the words given by the pronouncer within the time duration. Fun Kids India web account Spelling Champion Videos shouldn’t be changed after two weeks of the Online Talent Show Case.


The candidate should follow these rules for both uploading the videos to their FunKids India web account as well as delivering the talent in their Online Talent Showcase Session. So read these guidelines carefully.

  • The Spelling Champion talent which is going to be perform should be fun and riskless
  • The candidate should accomplish the talent within the time duration
  • The talent should accommodate with Positive attitude
  • Furnish the credibility in a confident demeanour
  • Keep it natural and keep it simple


There are few obstructions for how to deliver the talent in both semblance and communication levels. Therefore, the candidates should follow those stipulations requisite.

  • Hair should be out of your face
  • Take off your glasses if needless, because it would be helpful in judging your eye contact
  • Avoid gobbling, chewing, chomping, gnawing or nibbling your words
  • Don’t burble. Your tone inflection and delivery should be normal
  • Contestants will stop their performance if they exceed the time limit

The talent must be substantially genuine. If any fraudulence found, then the contestant should be notified of disqualification before the winners are announced.

Make a roadmap for your performance and ready to rehearse before the interview. You have your own time during the online interview to bring off your skills with this round. Tell yourself that your enactment is powerful and you are a strong Contestant. You owe it to yourself to have fun and utilize those minutes. Keep your energy as high as possible. Be passion about what you say. Have fun!!!


There are three levels for each age group of children based on difficulties. The levels are conducted with certain number of words for a specific duration in which the children have to spell the terms within the time limit correctly. The word difficulty and scope level will be decided by the panellists. The levels are as follows,


The points given are drew on the level of words spelled out correctly by the children. The children are move on to the next level of the competition concerning the points they have earned. Decision by the Jury/Panellist is final and binding. Children need to spell minimum 2 words correctly to move on to the next level of difficulty. Their points will be the total of correct spellings for each word and the points earned per correct word.


Each Participant will have 10 – 20 minutes duration in which the children have to spell 10 words as standard – however number of words may increase if required. The time assigned for the children to spell the word for each level is varied.

Level-115 seconds
Level-225  seconds
Level-335  seconds


The children are selected for the next level of the competition based on the total points scored in each level. The point increases as the level of difficulty increases. See below.,

LEVELSCORE (per correct answer)
Level-110 points
Level-210 points
Level-310 points

The host has timer for every words for all the levels. So the children need to give only one correct spelling before the timer ends. The pronouncer keeps the spellings given by the child and consign to the judge appropriately. The results will be notified by the judges/panellists thereupon. Gear up your children to give correct spellings mostly. It would help them to acquire the Spelling Champion.

Online Live session contains overall 100% of scoring.


Some of the basic rules for the Spelling Champion talent during the Online Talent Showcase Session are as follows,

  • The pronouncer announces the word to be spelled with slowly and clearly, without distorting the normal pronunciation of the word and also uses the word in a sentence and says the word again.
  • The speller listens carefully to the pronouncer and asks for the word to be repeated if necessary.
  • When the speller is sure they understand the word, then pronounces it, spells it and then says the word again. Once the speller is sure about the correct spelling of the word then tell the correct spelling to the pronouncer letter by letter without any confusion.
  • The pronouncer determines whether or not the word was spelled correctly.
  • By the end of each level, if the correct spelling was given, the speller moves onto the next level of words based on the difficulty, but if the spelling was incorrect, that speller is eliminated from that round itself.

* It’s important to keep practicing to your spelling talent anyways, as this will help you to score better in next year’s IET 2021 Spelling Champion.


Hints will be provided to the Normal & Hard levels of the competition, in which the children can access the hint by giving their 5 points for each hint that might effect on their total score. Total number of hints provided will be maximum of 3.


The children may be given a grace time of 10 seconds if they wish to take. If they choose to take grace time, then 5 points will be deducted from the total score. This feature is available only for hard level. The children can acquire this provision only for 3 times. 


Anybody who scored above cut off score will be invited to the IET Semi Finals. Cut off score will be decided by the Judges/Panellists on the basis of the number of participants, their score level depending on the number of spaces available for the Semi Final.

We strongly believe that positive-reinforcement is a crucial educational tool, which is integral to the construction of a child’s self-esteem. Our Judges strive to employ this philosophy in each of their evaluations.

* Scores are averaged for all judges to determine the final score.


We appreciate that parents, friends and families want to do more to showcase the talent and help the child to win this international award. To achieve this, we will be giving 10 bonus points to a child. So, it’s important that you all keep sharing the child top photos and videos with your friends and families on social media, e.g. Facebook, YouTube and on Instagram. You can hash tag that photo or video as #CHILDFULLNAME #IET2020AWARDS #FUNKIDSINDIA #1STFUNCADEMYAWARDS

Hence, the final score will include bonus points. More you campaign, more score the child will get. This will be calculated in a percentile. The Top SELF CAMPAIGN will have 10 points and rest will have a percentile of that.

For example, when we search with a Child Name using hash tag, we will look on the numbers of post tags, shares, comments etc. on the photo and video of the child. One child has done 100 posts share, got 1000 likes on those posts and he has done the maximum self-campaign as per the research, then this child will get full 10 points. Rest children will get percentile points.

So it’s good to keep sharing the posts and use correct hash tags. This will increase the chances of your child to get bonus points.

Our Website and Social Media platforms links are below.

Good luck!! Have a great Fun Learning with Fun Kids India.


               As we are pursuing ZOOM for Online Talent Showcase Session, you have to keep up with the instructions below,

  • Download Zoom Application before the given time and make sure you are available on the given time slot with your child. Use https://zoom.us/ to download the Zoom application in your device.
  • You should have appropriate space and good lighting
  • Make sure you have good Internet connection and a laptop available with you
  • Choose a quiet place to avoid unnecessary noise
  • Apparels must be fair and acceptable


Any query email us at support@funkids.in

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