Stage: Semi Finale

Age category: Teens               Talent Category: Best Funtastic (Others)

Purpose of the document: Use this document for guidelines purposes only for IET SEASON 2 – Best Funtastic (Others) – THE AX FACTOR* category 2022. This is the Semi Finale Audition Protocol Document. This document will provide details on stages, rules, guidelines, marking, scoring, self-campaign points for The Best Funtastic (Others) and how to progress to Semi Final Stage with other important information. Please read this document carefully.

This Category will have three stages after successful participation confirmation.

  • Stage 1: Group Level Auditions (Oct 2021 – Dec 2022) – DONE
  • Stage 2: Semi Finale – Jan 2023
  • Stage 3: Grand Finale – Targeting in Early 2023 (Subject to change)

This document is for Stage 2: Semi Finale Level of Auditions only

*AX FACTOR – A Wow Talent, Something Inspiring, Something Extraordinary.





The BEST FUNTASTIC (Others) contains 5 age divisions categories for the participants.

There are different types of performance categories. This protocol document contains the information that is used for the children to participate in the BEST FUNTASTIC (Others) category that is to be conducted. So please read this document carefully.


SEMI FINALE (Solo & Group)


 Toddler  2 – 4 years
 Kids junior  5 – 8 Years
 Kids senior  9 – 12 Years
 Teens junior  13 – 15 Years
 Teens senior  16 – 19 Years

*The contestants can apply under the respective age category for the IET SEASON 2 – BEST FUNTASTIC (Others) category in


Group Performance

For a group performance, up to 10 people are allowed to form one group.



The Best Funtastic category allows any kind of talent to showcase to our esteemed Judges/ Jury. This category should have an AX-Factor in the performance. They may include any of the following types.

  • Playing InstrumentsHolds Bowed Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Keyboard and the Guitar family. The children can perform any one of these major instrumental categories.
  • Voice ImitationConsists of imitating sounds, the voice and mannerisms of people or animals.
  • PaintingContains any one of the following such as Modernism, Impressionism, Abstract Art, Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism.
  • DrawingIncorporates Sketching, Manga, Doodling, Animated Drawings and Hand Rendering.
  • HairdoAny like hairstyles to be done using Mannequin.
  • Human CalculatorThe contestant has to solve the basic math calculations and carries addition/subtraction/multiplication/division within the seconds given by the judges.
  • Guess MeThe contestant has to find the personality of whom the judge had fixed in their mind by asking them questions within the time limit.
  • JugglingToss Juggling resides in the manipulation of objects for recreation, entertainment, art or sport.
  • OrigamiPerform the object given by the judge by folding the paper.
  • Ball SpinningSpinning the basketball using fingers or on head with different positions.
  • Tongue twisterPerform a tongue-twisting phrase given by the judge without breakdown.
  • BeatboxImitate the sounds of a drum machine with the voice.
  • VentriloquismMake an illusion that your voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteer “dummy”.
  • Speed talkerExecute the speech given by the judge with the average speed of 5 words per second.
  • Reverse talkerPresent the speech given by the judge backwards.
  • Sports, Author, Director, etc.,

Note: For few performances like sports, author, director, etc., where a contestant may not be able to perform during a live session as such. So, Contestant can use this session to describe why he/she is the right person to win The BEST FUNTASTIC AWARD, what are his/her achievements, what’s THE AX FACTOR (S) he/she has got.



The Semi Finalists will do their Live Performance for a specific time slot. Judges and panelists will give 100 points based on the performance.

*Kindly refer to the PERFORMANCE CATEGORIES for types of Funtastic talents. It will help you in this phase of performance.

In Live performance, there is only one level of stage performance for all the contestants in this SEMI FINALE. This phase carries 100 points for each contestant/ group, in which the contestants have to score the maximum points they can earn by their astonishing performance.

* Please ensure the performance is the solo work of the contestant/ a group and any plagiarism will disqualify the contestant. Semi Finalists have to be ready with their background music or karaoke if you are going to use it in your performance. Please mail your music audio with your name, IET number and name of the song with duration to before 12th Jan, 2023.



  • For Solo – One minute will be given for the Introduction to the judges,  2 minutes for the performance and one minute for Judges feedback after the performance.
  • For Group – Two minutes will be given for the introduction to the judges, up to 4 minutes for a group performance and two minutes for Judges after the performance.
  • For Setup – One minute for the Solo and two minutes for the Group e.g. Tabla, Guitar etc.

Ensure to respect timelines, as timer will be used and no extra time will be provided on the spot. 

* Note: For Sketching & Painting, performance time will be 45 mins 

For Musical Instruments Provision

  • We won’t be able to provide Instruments in this Semi Finale.
  • We request you to arrange the instruments by yourself.
  • You can rent from a Delhi NCR shop for a day or two.
  • We will only help you in returning the instruments if you are in an emergency to leave for your return train/ flight. Otherwise please pickup & drop your rented instruments from the shop.
  • Fun Kids India will provide instruments in the Grand finale only.



The performances are primarily judged for their correctness. As the competition progresses, the more sophisticated criteria are applied for scoring which are,

 AX-Factor (SAFETY FIRST)  40 points
 Execution  30 points
 Creativity/Style and Originality  15 points
 Level of difficulty  15 points

* Total 100 points.



Top 7 from each age category will be invited to the IET Grand Finale based on judges and jury scores. Cut off scores will be decided by the Judges/ Jury on the basis of the number of participants, their score level depending on the number of spaces available for the Grand Finale.

We strongly believe that positive-reinforcement is a crucial educational tool, which is integral to the construction of a child’s self-esteem. Our Judges strive to employ this philosophy in each of their evaluations.

  • Scores are averaged for all judges to determine the final score.
  • Audition scores can’t be disclosed apart from Judges and Juries.



The candidate should follow these rules for delivering the talent in their Semi Finale Competition. So read these guidelines carefully.

  • The Best Funtastic talent which is going to be perform should be fun and riskless
  • The candidate should accomplish the talent within the time duration
  • The talent should accommodate with Positive attitude
  • Furnish the credibility in a confident demeanour
  • Keep it natural and keep it simple
  • Ensure your act/performance is of Universal category, which is safe for kids and families to watch



There are few obstructions for how to deliver the talent in both semblance and communication levels. Therefore, the candidates should follow those stipulations requisite.

  • Hair should be out of your face
  • Take off your glasses because it would be helpful in judging your eye contact
  • Tone inflection and delivery should be like a normal conversation
  • Avoid gobbling, chewing, chomping, gnawing or nibbling your words
  • Don’t burble
  • Don’t turn your back to the Judges/Jury, unless required by the performance
  • Don’t be insightful, if the content is not new or fresh
  • Comprisal of any political party names or their activities or any controversial topic or any incidents regarding of individuals is strictly proscribed during the performance.
  • Contestants will stop their performance if they exceed the time limit.
  • The talent must be substantially genuine. If any fraudulence found, then the contestant should be notified of disqualification before the winners are announced.
  • Consumption of any properties/stunts for performance must be acquaint earlier

Make a roadmap for your performance and ready to rehearse before the Competition. You have roughly 2 minutes to bring off your skills with this round. Tell yourself that your enactment is powerful and you are a strong Contestant. You owe it to yourself to have fun and utilize those 2 minutes. Keep your energy as high as possible. Be passionate about what you say. Have fun!!!



We appreciate that parents, friends and families want to do more to showcase the talent and help the child to win this International Award. To achieve this, we will be giving 5 points to a child. So, it’s important that you all keep sharing the child’s top photos and videos with your friends and families on social media, e.g. Facebook, YouTube and on Instagram. You can hashtag that photo or video as #CHILDFULLNAME #IETSEASON2 #FUNKIDSINDIA #INDIASEMERGINGTALENT #IETS2SemiFinale #IETTOP100

Hence, the final score will include these points. More you campaign, the more score the child will get. This will be calculated in a percentile. The Top SELF CAMPAIGN will have 5 points and rest will have a percentile of that.

For example, when we search with a Child Name using a hashtag, we will look at the numbers of post tags, shares, comments etc. on the photo and video of the child. One child has done 100 posts share, got 1000 likes on those posts and he/ she has done the maximum self-campaign as per the research, then this child will get a full 5 points. Rest children will get percentile points.

So it’s good to keep sharing the posts and use correct hashtags. This will increase the chances of your child to get bonus points.

Our Website and Social Media platforms links are below.

Good luck!! Have a great Fun Learning with Fun Kids India.



The Judges, Contestants, Audience and Fun Kids India Crew should follow the safety measures while gathering for the Semi Finale.

  • Required Government Covid-19 Guidelines must be followed at all times. Please bring your masks, hand sanitizers, maintain 2-meter social distance for others etc.
  • While coming to the Competition, ensure to keep your family safe during travel and Semi Finale.
  • Be respectful to others all the time. Any inappropriate behavior won’t be tolerated against Fun Kids India Team, Judges, other contestants and families, audiences, etc.
  • Ensure to follow instructions given by the Fun Kids India Team.
  • At the entry gate during Audition, you will be provided with a mask, hand sanitizer and also our team will check the temperature.
  • All will be required to wear a face covering, maintain social distancing and use hand sanitizers during the Audition. However, contestants, Judges, Jury, anchors and authorized persons will be exempt from wearing masks during the performances.

* Covid requirements are should and not Must. We should follow what Gov guidelines say.


* Live Semi Finale Day – 15th January, 2023

* Show Duration – 8 AM to 8 PM

* Venue: Dilli Haat Janakpuri, Lal Sain Mandir Marg, Virender Nagar, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058, India.


Semi Finale selection process, performance videos will be released on FunKidsIndia website and partner channels.



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