Quiz Champion – Teens


Stage: Group Level Only.

Age category: Kids & Teens.        Talent Category: Quiz Champion.

Date: 10th October, 2020.           Status: Unpublished.      

Purpose of the document: Use this document for guidelines purposes only for IET Quiz Championship 2020. This is the Group Stage Protocol Document. This document will provide details on rules, guidelines, questions, marking, scoring, cut-off points, self-campaign points for the Quiz Championship and how to progress to Semi Final Stage with other important information. Please read this document carefully.

This Championship will have Three stages after successful participation confirmation.

  1. Stage 1: Group Level (Oct-Early 2021)
  2. Stage 2: Semi Finals (Early 2021)
  3. Stage 3: Grand Finale (Early-Mid 2021)

This document is for Stage 1: Group Stage Level Of Competitions only. Semi Finals and Grand Finale Level of Competitions Protocol Documents will be made available after 1st Dec 2020 on FunKidsIndia Website.


This IET – Quiz Championship contains pattern of questions based on the Trivia/General Knowledge quiz questions as per age group and its standard difficulty level. This protocol document contains the information that is used for the children to participate in the quiz championship that is to be conducted. So please read this document carefully.


There are four levels for each age group of children based on difficulties, viz.,

  • Easy – 5 questions
  • Normal – 5 questions
  • Hard – 5 questions
  • Very Hard – 5 questions

The question difficulty and scope level will be decided by panellists or the quiz software they use.

The levels are conducted with certain number of questions for a specific duration in which the children have to answer the questions within the time limit correctly. The points given are drew on the level of questions answered correctly by the children. The children are move on to the next level of the competition concerning the points they have earned. Decision by the Jury/Panellist is final and binding. Children need to answer minimum 3 questions correctly to move to next level of difficulty. Their quiz points will be the total of correct answer and the points earned per correct answer.


Each Participant will have 10 – 15 minutes duration in which the children have to answer 20 questions as standard – however number of questions can increased if required. The time assigned for the children to answer the question for each level is varied.

Level-110 seconds
Level-215  seconds
Level-320  seconds
Level-425  seconds


The children are selected for the next level of the competition based on the total points scored. The point increases as the level of difficulty increases. See below. ,

LEVELSCORE(per correct answer)
Level-11 point
Level-22 points
Level-33 points
Level-44 points

The host has timer for every questions for all the levels. So the children need to give only one answer before the timer ends. The questioner keeps the answers given by the child and consign to the judge appropriately. The results will be notified by the judges/panellists thereupon. Gear up your children to give correct answers mostly. It would help them to acquire the quiz competition.


Hints will be provided to the Hard & Very Hard level of the competition, in which the children can access the hint by giving their 2 points for each hint that might effect on their total score. Total number of hints provided will be maximum of 3.


The children may be given a grace time of 10 seconds if they wish to take. If they choose to take grace time, then 1 point will be deducted from the total score. This feature is available only for hard and very hard level.Total number of hints provided will be maximum of 3.


Anybody who scored above Cut Off score will be invited to the IET Semi Finals. Cut Off Score will be decided by the Judges and Panellists on the bases of number of participants, their score level and how many spaces are available for the Semi Finals.Note: It’s important to keep practicing to your quiz questions anyways, as this will help you score better in next year’s IET 2021 Quiz Championship.


We appreciate that parents, friends and families want to do more to showcase the talent and help the child to win this international award. To achieve this we will be giving 10 bonus points to a child. So, it’s important that you all keep sharing the child top photos and videos with your friends and families on social media, e.g. Facebook, YouTube and on Instagram. You can hashtag that photo or video as #CHILDFULLNAME #IET2020AWARDS #FUNKIDSINDIA #1STFUNCADEMYAWARDS

Hence the final score will include bonus points. More you campaign, more score the child will get. This will be calculated in a percentile. The Top SELF CAMPAIGN will have 10 points and rest will have a percentile of that.

For example, when we search with a Child Name using hashtag, we will look on the numbers of post tags, shares, comments etc on the photo and video of the child. One child has done 100 posts share, got 1000 likes on those posts and he has done the maximum self-campaign as per the research, then this child will get full 10 points. Rest children will get percentile points.

So it’s good to keep sharing the posts and use correct hashtags. This will increase the chances of your child to get bonus points.

Our Website and Social Media platforms links are below.

Good luck!! Have a great Fun Learning with Fun Kids India.


               As we are pursuing ZOOM for computer-mediated communication (CMC), you have to keep up with the instructions below,

  • Download Zoom Application before the given time and make sure you are available on the given time slot with your child
  • You should have appropriate space and good lighting
  • Make sure you have good Internet connection and a laptop available with you
  • Sit in a quiet room
  • Dress up your child and prepare them for the fun event


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