India’s Emerging Talent Season 2 Grand Finale

🎉 MOST AWAITED ANNOUCEMENT on India’s Emerging Talent Season 2 Grand Finale 🎉


Prepare for an awe-inspiring EXTRAVEGENGA that will redefine the boundaries of entertainment and excitement! We are thrilled to announce the monumental INDIA’S EMERGING TALENT Season 2 Grand Finale is set to take place at none other than the iconic JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU Auditorium, Delhi! 🏟️🚀
Also, the make a note of the Grand Finale date, it’s 29th Oct 2023 – SUNDAY.

Time: 2 pm to 5 pm (Last entry 1 PM)
Full Venue Address: JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU (Weightlifting) Auditorium, Pragati Vihar, Delhi 110003
Seating Capacity: Around 2000

After an exhilarating journey of 10 Offline auditions from Jammu to Hyderabad and across India, 100s of Online auditions covering not only pan-India but aboard talents, and having super fun all the way, we have arrived at the climax of INDIA’S EMERGING TALENT Season 2 GRAND FINALE. The monumental JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU Auditorium will bear witness to the convergence of creativity and excellence in an unforgettable celebration of top Talent performances!!

Entertainment, Entertainment and Just Entertainment Of 3 Hours
Witness the Epic Battle of Top 20 Grand Finalists as they present their talent performances of their lifetime to a distinguished panel of Judges (Salim Merchant & Gagan Rana) and Juries. The auditorium will resonate with excitement as we unveil the CHAMPAINS OF INDIA.

Stay tuned for more updates and surprises as we count down the days to this remarkable event. Make sure to mark your calendars, spread the word, and gather your friends and family for an unforgettable day at the JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU Auditorium.

For tickets details: Book My Show – IET Season 2 Grand Finale.

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Let’s come together to celebrate ingenuity, applaud brilliance, and embrace the future at the INDIA’S EMERGING TALENT Season 2 Grand Finale at the prestigious JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU Auditorium.

Here are the Top 20 Grand Finalists for India’s Emerging Talent Season 2

1.Kashvii Negi (Singer) @The Asian School of Dehradun – Principal – Ruchi Datta
2.Suhail (Singer)
3.Chandan Sharma (Singer) @IGNOU
4.Kripa Dayal (Singer) @PARVATI ARYE GIRLS INTER COLLEGE of Budaun – Amita Alok
5.Atreyee Karamkar (Singer) @Ravinder Bharti University of Kolkata)
6.Nishad Vishal Marodkar (Singer) @Saint George English Medium School of Pune @Renuka Devi
7.Ananda Pathak (Singer) @The Orion International school of Bhopal
8.Tejashvi Sharma (Dancer)
9.Arpita kashyap (Dancer)
10.Himanshi Sharma (Dancer) @International Daily Rising School of Jammu @Mr. Atul Hans
11.Vishakha Yadav (Dancer) @Vidya Devi Jindal School of Haryana @Ms. Naina Dhillon
12.Brahmi Jain (Dancer) @MLZ School of Madhya Pradesh
13.Pranjali Tiwari (Dancer) @MLZ School Madhya Pradesh
14.Soham Dubey (Dancer) @Mount Litera Zee School of Madhya Pradesh @Mohit Shrivastava
15.Aarohi Dazzlers (Funtastic – Modelling)
16.Rishit Singh (Funtastic -Guitar) @
17.Rhea Pervela (Funtastic-painting) @Gitanjali Senior School of Hyderabad @Mrs. Maya Sukumaran
18.Anmol Gandle (Funtastic – Drum) @Eon Gyanankur English school @Sunita Rai
19.Aryan Nair (Funtastic Vocal -Guitar) @Gitanjali Senior School @Maya Sukumaran
20.Narsingh Dev Sharma (Funtastic-Runner) @CHINAR PUBLIC SCHOOL NAGROTA @CAPT. (IN) AK DESAI
21.Zaisha Chakraborty & Annesha Chakroborty (Singers) – Brisbane, Australia.

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