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Age category: Teens                                       Talent Category: Poet

Date: 14th July 2021                                        Status: Unpublished

Purpose of the document: Use this document for guidelines purposes only for IET Best Poet category 2020. This is the Grand Finale Protocol Document. This document will provide details on rules, guidelines, marking, scoring for the Best Poet. Please read this document carefully.

Category will have two stages after successful participation confirmation.

  1. Stage 1: Group Level (Completed – Early 2021)
  2. Stage 2: Grand Finale (Mid 2021)

This document is for Stage 2: Grand Finale Level of Competitions only.

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THE BEST POET contains 2 age divisions categories for the Great Grand Finale Finalists. This protocol document contains the information that is used for the children to participate in the Best Poet category that is to be conducted. So please read this document carefully.




Teen junior13 – 15 Years
Teen senior16 – 19 Years


The Grand Finalists will do their Live Performance for a specific time slot. Judges and panellists will give 100 points score based on the finalist’s performance.


In Live performance, there is only one level of stage performance for each finalist in this GRAND FINALE. In this round, the finalists have to deliver a self composed poetry for 1:30 minutes either in Hindi (Preferred) or English with full fluency and proper usage of words.

This Live Stage Performance carries 100 points, in which the finalists have to score the maximum points. The judges will provide points as per scoring procedure below.

* Please ensure the poetry is the solo work of the contestant and any plagiarism will disqualify the contestant. Ensure to respect timelines as timer will be used and no extra time will be provided.

Virtual Performance option – If we couldn’t do a face to face event, then virtual performance will be done on Video Conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams.


The performances are primarily judged on below factors. It consists of 100 points out of total.

Relevance to the theme40 points
Creativity/Style and Originality30 points
Coherence of form and structure (harmony of words, presentation)20 points
Clarity of imagery and language10 points

* Scores are averaged for all judges and panellists to determine the final score.


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There is a SURPRISE AWARD for the Social Media Favourite at the end of the Grand Finale for the most active talent on social media. Please keep sharing talent and Fun Kids India posts available on Fun Kids India social media platform. See link to our platform below in CONTACT US section.

More you share Fun Kids India talent page, you will get more chance to win this SURPRISE AWARD. Judges and panellists decision will be Final.

 Good luck!! Have a great Grand Finale with Fun Kids India.


                The candidate should follow these rules for delivering the talent in the Grand Finale Stage. So read these guidelines carefully.

  • The poetry which is going to be perform should be persuasive with Positive attitude
  • Self-composed poems are required for the Grand Finale
  • The candidate should convey the Poetry within the time duration
  • Poem is like a story which should be perceived by the judges/panellists
  • Manipulate line breaks by speed up, slow down or pause for pace consectary
  • Apply splendid verbal embodiment because there are limited words in a poem
  • The candidate can exhibit eye contact, presence, emotion, pitch tone and volume while bringing the poem
  • Ensure your performance is of Universal category, which is safe for kids and families to watch.


There are few obstructions for how to deliver the poem in both semblance and communication levels. So the candidates should follow those stipulations requisite.

  • Hair should be out of your face
  • Take off your glasses because it would be helpful in judging your eye contact
  • Tone inflection and delivery should be like a normal conversation
  • Apparels must be fair and acceptable
  • Avoid gobbling, chewing, chomping, gnawing or nibbling your words
  • Comprisal of any political party names or their activities or any controversial topic or any incidents regarding of individuals is strictly proscribed in reciting the poem.
  • Contestants will stop their poetry if they exceed the time limit.
  • The poem must be substantially original. If any plagiarism found, then the contestant should be notified of disqualification before the winners are announced.
  • All contestants and families are requested to not to disclose the winner details/photos/videos taken during the live performance. Because we need to keep the surprise highly confidential to all the general audience before the official Live streaming release by Funkids India on 1st August 2021.

Make a roadmap for your performance and ready to rehearse before coming to the Stage. You have roughly 1:30 minutes to share poetry with your round. Tell yourself that your poem is powerful and you are a strong Poet. You owe it to yourself to have fun and utilize those 1:30 minutes. Keep your energy as high as possible. Be passion about what you say. Have fun!!!


The Judges, Finalists, Audience and FunKidsIndia Crew should follow the safety measures while gathering for the Grand Finale.

  • Required Government Covid-19 Guidelines must be followed at all times. Please bring your masks, hand sanitizers, maintain 2 meter social distance for others etc.
  • Bring 72 hours before Covid-Negative Report. If Corona symptoms occurred, please let us know ASAP.
  • While coming to Finale, ensure to keep your family safe during travel and Grand Finale.
  • Be respectful to others all the times. Any inappropriate behaviour won’t be tolerated against FunKidsIndia Team, Judges, other contestants and families, audiences, etc.
  • Ensure to follow instructions given by FunKidsIndia Team
  • All will be required to wear a face covering, maintain social distancing and use hand sanitizers during the Grand Finale. However, finalists, judges, panellists, anchors and authorized persons will be exempt from wearing masks during the performances

* Live Finale Day – 24th July 2021.

Grand Finale Live Stream Day – 1st August 2021 at 5 pm on FunKidsIndia and partner channels

Note: The Grand Finale may be postponed or done only online depending on the situation. However we are aiming to do Face to Face in Delhi (if possible and safe).


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Note: Our Terms & Conditions applies to this document. By coming to Grand Finale you and your relatives accept them and abide them with responsibility.

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