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Stage: Group Level Only.

Age category: Kids & Teens                             Talent Category: Poet

Date: 27th October, 2020                                  Status: Unpublished

Purpose of the document: Use this document for guidelines purposes only for IET Best Poet category 2020. This is the Group Stage Protocol Document. This document will provide details on stages, rules, guidelines, marking, scoring, self-campaign points for the Best Orator and how to progress to Semi Final Stage with other important information. Please read this document carefully.

This Category will have three stages after successful participation confirmation.

  1. Stage 1: Group Level (Oct-Early 2021)
  2. Stage 2: Semi Finals (Early 2021)
  3. Stage 3: Grand Finale (Early-Mid 2021)

This document is for Stage 1: Group Stage Level of Competitions only.

Semi Finals Level of Competitions Protocol Document will be made available after 1st December, 2020 on FunKids India Website.





THE BEST POET contains 4 age divisions categories for the participants. Contestants will be responsible for producing proof of age to the team. Please upload this to your child’s FunKidsIndia web account. This protocol document contains the information that is used for the children to participate in the Best Poet category that is to be conducted. So please read this document carefully.


Kids junior5 – 8 Years
Kids senior9 – 12 Years
Teen junior13 – 15 Years
Teen senior16 – 19 Years

* The contestants can apply under the respective age category for the IET-BEST POET category.


  • Upload up to 3 Best Poem reciting videos to the Fun Kids India web account
  • Online interview will be organized
  • The best orators will be selected by judges / panellists.
  • Selected children are invited to the Semi-finale.

In the Group Stage level, the children need to upload up to 3 Best Poetry videos to their Fun Kids India web account, these will be used by our experts in judging the contestant’s performance.

Poetry Video Duration: Up to 3 minutes.


Each contestant will be called for Online Talent Showcase Session lasting between 10 to 20 minutes. This session will be recorded and used by the judges in judging the contestant poet performance.

During Online Talent Showcase Session, contestant has to deliver the poem relating to the topic given by the judges/panellists online with the duration of 5 minutes. Fun Kids India web account Oratory Videos shouldn’t be changed after two weeks of the Online Talent Show Case.


               The candidate should follow these rules for both uploading the Poetry videos to their FunKids India web account as well as delivering the poem in their Online Talent Showcase Session. So read these guidelines carefully.

  • The speech which is going to be perform should be persuasive
  • Self-composed poems are preferred
  • The candidate should convey the Poetry within the time duration
  • The poem should accommodate with Positive attitude
  • Poem is like a story which should be perceived by the judges/panellists
  • Manipulate line breaks by speed up, slow down or pause for pace consectary
  • Apply splendid verbal embodiment because there are limited words in a poem
  • Furnish the credibility in a confident demeanour
  • The candidate can exhibit eye contact, presence, emotion, pitch tone and volume while bringing the poem
  • Keep it natural and keep it simple


There are few obstructions for how to deliver the speech in both semblance and communication levels. So the candidates should follow those stipulations requisite.

  • Hair should be out of your face
  • Take off your glasses because it would be helpful in judging your eye contact
  • Tone inflection and delivery should be like a normal conversation
  • Keep your arms bent, elbows relaxed and loose at your sides hands gently linked, from that position only you can make natural gestures
  • Avoid gobbling, chewing, chomping, gnawing or nibbling your words
  • Don’t burble
  • Galumphing, head banging and oscillating are the things to do sparingly while reciting poetry
  • Don’t turn your back to the judges/panellist
  • Don’t be insightful, if the content is not new or fresh
  • Comprisal of any political party names or their activities or any controversial topic or any incidents regarding of individuals is strictly proscribed in reciting the poem..
  • Contestants will stop their poetry if they exceed the time limit.
  • The poem must be substantially original. If any plagiarism found, then the contestant should be notified of disqualification before the winners are announced.

Make a roadmap for your performance and ready to rehearse before the interview. You have roughly 5 minutes to share a message with your round. Tell yourself that your message is powerful and you are a strong Poet. You owe it to yourself to have fun and utilize those 5 minutes. Keep your energy as high as possible. Be passion about what you say. Have fun!!!


The performances are primarily judged for their correctness. As the competition progresses, the more sophisticated criteria are applied for scoring which are,

Relevance to the theme40 points
Creativity/Style and Originality30 points
Coherence of form and structure (harmony of words, presentation)15 points
Clarity of imagery and language15 points

Online Live session contains overall 70% of scoring.

Web account Video contains overall 30% of scoring.


Anybody who scored above cut off score will be invited to the IET Semi Finals. Cut off score will be decided by the Judges/Panellists on the basis of the number of participants, their score level depending on the number of spaces available for the Semi Final.

We strongly believe that positive-reinforcement is a crucial educational tool, which is integral to the construction of a child’s self-esteem. Our Judges strive to employ this philosophy in each of their evaluations.

* Scores are averaged for all judges to determine the final score.


We appreciate that parents, friends and families want to do more to showcase the talent and help the child to win this international award. To achieve this we will be giving 10 bonus points to a child. So, it’s important that you all keep sharing the child top photos and videos with your friends and families on social media, e.g. Facebook, YouTube and on Instagram. You can hash tag that photo or video as #CHILDFULLNAME #IET2020AWARDS #FUNKIDSINDIA #1STFUNCADEMYAWARDS

Hence the final score will include bonus points. More you campaign, more score the child will get. This will be calculated in a percentile. The Top SELF CAMPAIGN will have 10 points and rest will have a percentile of that.

For example, when we search with a Child Name using hash tag, we will look on the numbers of post tags, shares, comments etc. on the photo and video of the child. One child has done 100 posts share, got 1000 likes on those posts and he has done the maximum self-campaign as per the research, then this child will get full 10 points. Rest children will get percentile points.

So it’s good to keep sharing the posts and use correct hash tags. This will increase the chances of your child to get bonus points.

Our Website and Social Media platforms links are below.

Good luck!! Have a great Fun Learning with Fun Kids India.


               As we are pursuing ZOOM for Online Talent Showcase Session, you have to keep up with the instructions below,

  • Download Zoom Application before the given time and make sure you are available on the given time slot with your child. Use to download the Zoom application in your device.
  • You should have appropriate space and good lighting
  • Make sure you have good Internet connection and a laptop available with you
  • Choose a quiet place to avoid unnecessary noise
  • Apparels must be fair and acceptable


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