29th Oct, 23 – JLN Delhi – VIP Complimentary Tickets Registration


Welcome to Fun Kids India – 29th Oct, 23 – JLN Delhi – Sponsors & VIP Complimentary Tickets Registration


If you couldn’t sponsor us for some reason, its ok!! We still like you to come and enjoy the day and see the BEST Entertain Ever!! There will be a lot of opportunities for us in the future to be involved the craziness, fun, creativity and entertainment offered by Fun Studios, Fun Kids India and Fun India.

Please register below for VIP Complimentary Tickets – so that we are aware and confirm back the registration and day plan.

What’s on the CARD!!

1. Supergurl Tara (Character): Meet Supergurl Tara. Our highly anticipated character, Supergurl Tara, embodies the essence of fun, empowerment, technology, and creativity. The Supergurl character has already garnered international acclaim, setting the stage for an extraordinary event. She has 5 elements of Earth i.e. Air, Water, Space, Fire & Sand. Meet her in her High Tech – Mansion, where this beautiful Diva showcases her magical Tablet and Pen.

2.India’s Emerging Talent – De Hunar Ko Pehchan Session 2 Grand Finale: The grand finale of “India’s Emerging Talent – De Hunar Ko Pehchan Session 2” is set to be a breathtaking showcase of young talent and judged by Super Talented Salim Merchant. Your sponsorship can help us create a lasting impact on the participants and their families. Support them by supporting Fun Kids India.

3. Principals Talent Show Session 2: The much-anticipated second season of the Principals Talent Show is just around the corner. After the success of the first season, this one promises to be even more remarkable. Sponsorship can align your brand with this celebration of leadership and talent.

4. Teachers Talent Show Season 1 Top Performances: We are delighted to bring you some thrilling news from Fun Kids India. As we gear up for the Principles Talent Show Session 2, we are excited to announce a new addition to our event lineup – the Teachers Talent Show Season 1! This event promises to be an extraordinary showcase of the hidden talents of our dedicated educators – who are so talented. WOW – see them Live.

If you still wish to discuss sponsorship details or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist and ensure that your brand receives the recognition and exposure it deserves. We can turn around things quickly as being an Agile Organisation!!

Please contact Vijay Tiwari – VP Sales @ +91 84480 08677 e-mail:vijay@funkids.in.

We look forward to having you as a key contributor to these and our future extraordinary events.

Fun Kids India Team
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